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About Us

Our Story

Socially motivated, consciously making a difference

Baliza was founded by Gema Santander with the vision of creating a Stylish apparel and accessories inspired by the easy lifestyle, exotic cultures and colours of Bali and Ibiza.

Gema’s passion for fashion and charity work merged when she met the inspiring team at Ladli, the vocational centre of i-india in Jaipur. The result of the collaboration between LADLI and BALIZA is vibrant and fun handmade resort wear collections; an important step to help develop a sustainable future for i-india in the crafts and fashion trade.



Baliza’s team is composed by volunteers that share the same passion and values and a great motivation to change the lives of people that live in poverty. Our team is constantly growing,  Ruth Gonzalez, Maite De Las Obras and Gema run the day to day of the company. We always embrace new ideas and collaborations and we thrive to see the impact that our production has on the artisans who make them. Among many more supporters, we are very grateful to our beautiful and talented Brand Ambassador Singaporean TV Celebrity Michelle Chia and a great team of Photographers such as MSC Lifestyle Photography and Kimberly Tok, make up artist Lady Xi Make up, and great collaborations such us a shooting with Rathi Menon, Miss Singapore 2015.


A Slow Fashion and Lifestyle Brand

Baliza is a sustainable and ethical resort wear label that is inspired by the oceans of Bali and Ibiza.

Our mission is to inspire consumers to value who makes their clothes and the impact each garment purchase has on the artisan who makes them.

We’ve partnered with Ladli in India to conserve and empower traditional fabric creating skills and supporting over 300 families of artisans while sustaining years old fabric making techniques from India

BALIZA currently supports i-india a well established Jaipur based NGO which reaches out to over 3,000 street children daily, offering food, accommodation, education, vocational training, counselling and lots of affection. i-india is a safe haven offering children much needed opportunities for a happy, fulfilling and independent future.

Social Responsibility

Unique, sustainable

Baliza believes in making a beautiful world by creating clothing made with care and love. Each Baliza garment is made with hours of handcrafted details and works from some of the finest artisans. The production of our hand printed embroidered kaftan takes 8 weeks.

At Ladli, Gudri women learn traditional block printing, beading and embroidery. They receive emotional support and financial education. Young adults attend school and learn a valuable skill. Everyone gets paid a fair salary, independently of their skills.

  • Meticulous details, handmade.
  • Conserving tradition, empowering artisans.
  • Made with Love and precision.
  • Artisan textile development and embroideries
  • Supports education and conserves dying fabric-crafts
  • Support Ladli by wearing these handcrafted Baliza ensembles
  • Handcrafted in India, Ideated in Singapore and Spain



I-India is a registered Indian charity, which through its holistic vocational training centre called ‘Ladli’, targets ethical income generation programs or ‘Social Enterprise’, to help the underprivileged in Jaipur, India, largely unemployed youth and local women groups. The 2 main Social Enterprise projects are Gudri and Ladli.

These Social Enterprise programs support participants through craft and skills training programs, business and leadership skills development and by providing financial support to help them start or improve their income generating capacity.

The programs also aim at working towards the empowerment of women artisans and producers through the formation of Self-Help Groups (SHGs).

The training environment is fun, safe and relaxed. The environment is holistic as food and medical needs of participants are catered for if necessary. All participants receive fair wages along with additional support for educational sponsorship, medical assistance and improving living standards. Under the financial inclusion and awareness program, the participants regularly start to save their income, learn to open bank accounts in their names and under their sole control.

The benefit goes beyond just education and employability; the participants also gain confidence, social skills and self-esteem.

The vocational training and livelihood projects of I-India have a team of 15 staff (supervisors and craft expert trainers or master-trainers), there are 200 women participants/producers involved with these livelihood projects and 100 young adults (18+ ) also attend these projects.


We place the holistic development and happiness of the artisans first. Our dream is to provide sustainability and empowered living to artisans from all over the world.