Memories of Singapore

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Our first collection for 2021 is influenced by the city we call home. This is not the city of ourbirth, nor the city we grew up in but the city we as adults, have adopted as home. The city that has wholeheartedly accepted us as a part of its Family. A city and country called Singapore.  Our inspiration was the abundant flora and fauna, but also the beautiful art deco buildings in the neighbourhoods.
The showstopper print of this collection came about through our collaboration with Binary Style. Together we created the signature print - Halia. The print beautifully brings together the sights, sounds and scents quintessential to Singapore!
The campaign features - Gerlyn, a freelance model and Miss Earth Singapore 2019. Gerlyn has always beenpassionate about environmental conservation and has pursued Environmental Engineering to help find better solutions for our planet. Gerlyn embodies strength, passion and a zest for adventure - all the qualities of a modern Baliza woman.
Come and share in our Singapore Memories!
As always, all prints were printed using herbal
dyes and on 100% GOTs certified