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We believe that fashion should empower lives and create opportunities. Beyond creating beautiful products that preserve traditional craftsmanship, our core mission is to give back to our artisans who are the driving force behind Baliza.

All of our designs are produced ethically at Ladli, a centre based in Jaipur. It’s the vocational training arm of non-profit organisation I-India. Through their various Social Enterprise outreach programmes, their goals are to preserve craft skills, to provide artisans and their families a stable livelihood and to support the education of over 3,000 children. 




Fashion That Matters 

Ladli works with a specific group of economically disadvantaged female artisans called Gudri women. ‘Gudri’ is a traditional Rajasthani word which means ‘rug’. This group tends to live nomadically and stitch old saris together to make tents for habitation. 

Ladli offers these women hands-on training to learn traditional block printing, beading and embroidery, while they can also receive emotional support and financial education. There are also groups of young adults that attend Ladli’s on-site school and in their free time, they are taught sewing and jewellery-making techniques. 

Today, the production of our label provides paid work for over 300 female artisans and 90 young adults. Everyone is paid a fair living wage salary, independently of their skills, working within safe conditions with no forced labour. We’ve visited them over the years and have seen their premises in person - they’re an extended and much valued part of our team. 

The production of just 20 Baliza pieces pays for one artisan’s monthly salary. Their wages are also three times higher than the average factory workers in the surrounding area. 

Under Ladli’s financial programs, artisans are also encouraged to save their income and are taught to open bank accounts in their own name, under their sole control (this is still a big step for women in rural communities in India). That’s why beyond artisanal training and education, our artisans gain confidence, social skills and better their self esteem. 


6,250 designs produced 

0 pieces thrown into landfills 

390 artisans supported 

8 years of impact 

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