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Sustainability is a driver behind everything we do at Baliza. Fashion is one of the world’s most polluting industries. It accounts for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, is the second largest consumer of our planet’s water supply and pollutes our oceans with microplastics from synthetic materials. 

These statistics motivate us to set a better example as a sustainable fashion brand and minimise our environmental impact as much as possible. Here’s how we do it: 


Organic Cotton 
We’re big fans of natural fibres, and one of our biggest green commitments is using organic cotton. Not only is the fabric wonderfully breathable and has a soft hand feel, the original plant is grown without harmful pesticides which is kinder to crop soil. We source our organic cotton from Aura Herbal Textiles, an India-based organisation that ensures its production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility. Traditional cotton crops are usually treated with synthetic pesticides and GMO’s to help them grow faster and ward off insects. These toxic chemicals, dispersed into the air or through local waterways, are often harmful to farmers and local wildlife. 
Herbal Dyes 
Textile production is a big polluter of waterways, spilling toxic chemicals into local rivers and in some cases, contaminating drinking water supplies. Our use of all-natural dyes, created through GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified processes, means we avoid the use of harsh chemicals on our fabrics. Our dyes are made from nature-derived ingredients like turmeric, pomegranate, indigo or madder root. This keeps our production process as clean as possible while keeping the communities that create our clothing safe. 
Minimising Waste 
To reduce waste during our garment creation process, we use fabric off-cuts to create accessories for each collection. From reusable garment bags that we send your online orders in to scrunchies, head-bands or pom-pom earrings that match with each season’s prints, we find creative ways to make sure none of our fabric goes to waste. 
Limiting Plastic Usage 
We make a conscious effort to minimise any use of plastic in our supply chain. Our orders are shipped to you in eco-friendly packaging that is fully recyclable. Our products to and from our warehouse in India are still shipped to us in plastic, as we haven’t yet found a way to make sure they reach us safely without using it during freight. It’s something we’re actively working on finding a solution for, including looking into compostable, biodegradable options as a replacement. Discover our eco-friendly dresses and separates here.